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Moving to a new house also means a new yard. I am not really into yard work or gardening, and I don’t really feel like designing or planning landscaping comes naturally to me. I really love working on the interior and exterior of the house itself, but the yard seems like a big challenge. Lately, I have been looking for inspiration for what to do with some of the more challenging parts of our yard that include several steep banks. As I was reading Sunset magazine in a waiting room recently, I saw a beautiful photo of a landscaped bank that I wanted to transplant from the page and into my yard. As I read the article with the photo, I discovered that this was part of a landscape in Eugene, Oregon, just a few hours south. That piqued my interest even more because I thought if I could figure out the plants in the picture, maybe I could really produce something similar on my hillside. I really wanted to tear the page out of that Sunset magazine, but since it wasn’t mine, I decided not to do that. But, I did look up the landscaping firm online. What I found was breathtaking.


Mosaic Gardens is a landscape company based out of both Eugene and Coos Bay. Their website says it best here, “Each garden is tailored to its environment and inhabitants, creating an outdoor living space that reflects the taste and lifestyle of the client and the character of the site.” Because I am not a landscaping or gardening expert, it is difficult for me to articulate what exactly I like about the images on their website and their instagram.


To me, they look like beautiful Pacific Northwest versions of English gardens, but not manicured English gardens, more like wild overgrown English gardens, but not too overgrown. Like I said, I’m not sure what exactly it is that I like, but I know I like their designs. Take a look at their website and their instagram, and let me know if you like this style of landscaping too. And if you are more knowledgeable about gardening than me, can you tell what it is about their landscapes that is drawing my eye?


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