did it… we bought a house

After looking at more than thirty homes over the course of nine months, we finally found the right house for us.  And, in May, we moved in!

In August 2015, we put our small 1000 square foot Portland house on the market, hoping that we could sell it before sinking any more money into maintaining it. My husband Kipp purchased this home in 2007 at the peak of the real estate market before it all came crashing down. He decided to stick with the house, rather than bailing like many others, and last year, we finally thought we had a chance of selling it for just enough to break even. And so, the showings began, both at our house for prospective buyers and at other houses, for us! Because my husband is a wheelchair user, we had a complicated wishlist that included the following:

-All main living spaces including master bedroom and laundry on main level

-Bathrooms with potential for wheelchair accessibility (we were okay with the prospect of remodeling)

-Safer neighborhood

-At least three bedrooms, two bathrooms

-Garage and off street parking

-Private yard

-Quiet street

-Curb appeal

To be honest, I had my heart set on a traditional Portland historic home in a nice neighborhood, a bungalow, cottage, tudor, foursquare, even a midcentury ranch…I was open to anything as long as it had some style.  I was completely opposed to the idea of a newer build, especially in a development.  I longed for character and charm, after living in a first house that was slim on both those items.

Unfortunately, historic homes are not known for their accessible one-level floorplans. After looking and looking and even offering on a Cape Cod cottage we were going to “make work” for us, we ended up taking our house off the market last December. It wasn’t the right time. We listed again in February, and this time, God found the best buyers and led us to the perfect place, which turned out to be a house that was built in 2000.  A new build!  This just goes to show you that sometimes you find the best things where you least expect them.

So, without further ado, here is our new home, as we saw it for the first time:


More on the neighborhood and history of our new home in an upcoming post!





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